Sword Calibre

Sword Calibre

Stop the killer vampires!


  • Plays like a good NES game
  • Responsive controls
  • Retro soundtrack


  • Hard
  • Not very long


If you can remember 80s Nintendo beat 'em ups - Sword Calibre will certainly ring some bells.

This 8-bit retro jump and slash game looks, sounds and plays just like an old NES game. This means it's easy to pick up, but requires some sharp jumping, and probably lots of dying. It's pretty hard, like many games of that early games era.

You play a sword wielding heroine, who has to save the world from the hideous Jiangshi - the "hopping vampires of the orient"! You'll do this by running, jumping and slashing your way around levels, and save a few damsels in distress on the way.

The soundtrack adds perfectly to the retro feel of the game, and the tight controls mean you'll only have yourself to blame if you fail. Nevertheless it is hard, and you'll probably need more than a few goes to get through it. It's very much for fans of the genre - while Sword Calibre is well made, it's hard to see how someone who missed the 80s would find the graphics and dying lots acceptable.

A real blast from the past, Sword Calibre is an excellent piece of nostalgia, but some players may find it annoyingly hard.

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Sword Calibre


Sword Calibre

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